Grew-match: Online Graph Matching

Grew-match is a one page online web application for searching graph requests in treebanks. There are several instances, each one with each own URL. The address displays a portal with links to instances. See below for a the list of instances

If you want to run your own instance of Grew-match, see Local installation of Grew-match.

Basic usage

Once you have selected an instance,

  1. Select the corpus on which you want to search:
    • with the top navbar, select the collection (subset of corpora)
    • with the left pane, select the corpora on which the request will be executed
  2. Enter the search request in the text area (you may use some snippets on the right of the text area)
  3. Click on Search or Count

With Search:

With count, all the solutions are computed, but, it is not possible to visualize annotation examples. For instance, with the same request as above, we observe 18,974 occcurences of nsubj.

Learning syntax

A tutorial with a progressive sequence of requests is available. You may also explore snippets given on the right of the text area to learn with other examples. A more comprehensive documentation is available in the requests page.

Clustering the occurrences

In addition to the main request, it is possible to make some clustering on the set of occurrences returned by this request.

When a clustering key is used, the set of occurrences (or the first 1000 occurrences if Search is used) is split in subsets depending of the key value. Each possible value is presented as a button with the size of the associated subset; the button gives access to the corresponding occurrences (in Search mode).

When a whether sub-request is used, matching are split in two clusters Yes and No.

See clustering documentation page for syntax and examples of usage.

Display options

Below the text area, a few options are available:

About CoNLL-U field names

The fields 2, 3, 4 and 5 of CoNLL-U files are considered as features with the following feature names.

CoNLL-U field FORM (col 2) LEMMA (col 3) UPOS (col 4) XPOS (col 5)
Grew syntax form lemma upos xpos

For instance:

For other features, defined in CoNLL-U fields FEATS (col 6) and MISC (col 10), the name of the feature can be used directly with exceptions:

Enhanced dependencies

In the UD framework, a few corpora are also provided with another annotation layer (Enhanced dependencies). For these corpora, they are available by default with the enhanced layer and another corpora (with prefix bUD, for “basic” UD) is also available

If the default treebank is selected, enhanced dependencies are displayed in blue below the sentence. In the pattern, an enhanced dependency can be searched with the prefix E:. For instance, the pattern below searches for an enhanced obl relation in UD_English-EWT without a non-enhanced counterpart: :

pattern { X -[E:obj]-> Y }
without { X -[obj]-> Y }

Grew-match instances

The instance

This instance contains the version 2.13 of the UD and the SUD treebanks and a few more recent versions synchronised with GitHub data. The top navbar gives access to:

Other instances


For any remark or request, you can either contact me or open an issue on GitHub.