Grewpy • Python library

⚠️ The previous library described in the book published in 2018 is now obsolete. Refer to the documentation on this page for current information.


If you do not have any software or libraries related to Grew installed, please follow steps 1 and 2 on this page.

To test the installation, run the command echo "import grewpy" | python. The expected output is connected to port: … (The port number is selected dynamically).


  1. opam update && opam upgrade
  2. pip install grewpy --upgrade

The current version of grewpy_backend is 0.5.3. You can verify your version by running opam list | grep grewpy.

The current version of grewpy is 0.4.5. You can verify your version by running pip show grewpy.


Refer to the grewpy documentation for detailed information on the Python library.


Examples can be found in the examples folder. Click here to download the folder.