Docker installation

Put the following code in a file called Dockerfile.

FROM ocaml/opam:ubuntu

RUN sudo apt-get update \
		&& sudo apt-get upgrade --assume-yes \
		&& sudo apt-get install python3-pip --assume-yes

RUN opam remote add grew "" \
		&& opam install grew grewpy \
		&& pip3 install grew

Then, you can build the image with the command:

docker build -t grew .

And finally, run it with:

docker run -it grew bash


Inside a container (after the command docker run -it grew bash), run:

You should have an output like:

connected to port: 8888
<subprocess.Popen object at 0x7ff507bc5208>

and Grew is ready to be used. See run Python library page for simple examples.