Source code for grewpy.grew

Grew module : anything you want to talk about graph rewriting systems
Graphs are represented by dictionaries (nodes, edges, meta informations)
GRS can be build via files, explicit constructions or even strings. See doc of GREW
import typing
import json

from . import network

''' Library tools '''

JSON = typing.Any #dict[str,typing.Any] | list[typing.Any] | str | int

[docs]class GrewError(Exception): """A wrapper for grew-related errors""" def __init__(self, message): self.value = message def __str__(self): if isinstance(self.value, dict): return ("\n".join (("", "-"*80, json.dumps(self.value, indent=2), "-"*80))) else: return ("\n".join (("", "="*80, str (self.value), "="*80)))
GrewError.__doc__ = "A wrapper for grew-related errors"
[docs]def set_config(data): """ Change the configuration used in the next exchanges See for details about config """ return network.send_and_receive({"command": "set_config", "config": data})
[docs]def request_counter(): return network.request_counter