Grew installation

Grew is implemented with the Ocaml language. It is easy to install on Linux or Mac OS X (installation on Windows should be possible, but this is untested). A Python binding is also available.

If you just need to upgrade your installation, please consult the Upgrade page.

⚠️ If you run into trouble using the instructions of this page, feel free to open an issue on GitLab or to contact the developer.

Step 1: Install prerequisite


apt install wget m4 unzip librsvg2-bin curl bubblewrap

Mac OS X

⚠️ Brew is an alternative only if you do not plan to use the GUI (the package webkit-gtk required by the GUI is not available through Brew).

Step 2: Install opam

opam is a package manager for Ocaml. Grew requires opam version 2.0.0 or higher.


The apt package manager does not currently (February 2019) provide opam version 2. You should be able to install version 2.0.3 with the following commands:

For more information, please consult opam installation page.

Mac OS X

MacPorts proposes opam version 2 by default.

Step 3: Setup opam

Run opam init and follow instructions. Note that it takes some times to download and build the ocaml compiler.

NB: some user have reported that the command opam init --disable-sandboxing may avoid errors given by opam init.

Check that ocaml is installed with ocamlc -v.

Step 4: Install the Grew software

opam remote add grew ""
opam install grew grewpy

To verify your installation:

Step 5: The Python library

With Python 3, use the following command: pip install grew

Note: depending on your local installation, you may have to use pip3 or pip3.5.

Other available installations